Tiling from all around the world

Steps to follow when installing new timber floors

Timber floors are the most authentic flooring options in the market. These floors look timeless, antique, and original when installed on many different premises. If you're looking for a new floor for parts of your home, selecting timber will add durability and an authentic touch for many years to come. You may be wondering how to get started with the timber floor installation process. Here are the steps you can expect to follow when having wood flooring installed in your home. Read More 

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Tiling from all around the world

Tiling is used in all sorts of houses and structures around the world. I find it really intriguing to look at the different effects that you can achieve with the same technique, from simple and modern floors to intricate designs that mimic paintings and other designs. I have taken a selection of photos as I've travelled around the world and found tiling that is beautiful and unique. On this blog I show these pictures of different tiling installation as well as a brief description of where I saw them, the materials used and any information I know about the installation techniques used.