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How to Protect Bamboo Flooring from Warping

Bamboo has quickly emerged as an excellent alternative to hardwood flooring, and it has been praised for its durability, sturdiness, and uniqueness. Bamboo flooring also has a vibrant colour that gives your home an elegant look. However, one of the issues that most people face with this kind of flooring is that the boards start to warp over time. Luckily, there are measures that you can follow right from the installation stage to prevent this problem and extend the durability of your flooring. Read More 

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Tiling from all around the world

Tiling is used in all sorts of houses and structures around the world. I find it really intriguing to look at the different effects that you can achieve with the same technique, from simple and modern floors to intricate designs that mimic paintings and other designs. I have taken a selection of photos as I've travelled around the world and found tiling that is beautiful and unique. On this blog I show these pictures of different tiling installation as well as a brief description of where I saw them, the materials used and any information I know about the installation techniques used.