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A Few Tips for Caring for Your Laminate Flooring

A laminate flooring is one that is made to look like another material, usually hardwood, but which is much easier to care for and which may be much more durable overall. A laminate wood floor is also often lighter than a real wood floor, so you don't need to brace up the subfloor when the laminate is installed. It may also come in long sections rather than individual slats, so it's easier to install overall. Read More 

Tips for Choosing the Right Colour Rug for Your Home

Area rugs can be a great way to spruce up or define your space and enhance the décor. However, there are multiple rugs suitable for a wide range of floors, designs of the living space, and the overall décor of your living space. For this reason, finding the perfect one for your home can be quite challenging. When shopping for rugs, you will want to consider the size that will fit your space. Read More 

Reasons You Should Have Ceramic Tile installed in Your Bathroom

If you are looking to add different flooring materials in your bathroom, you might be thinking about using tile. While there are a variety of materials that makes excellent tile, ceramic is one of the best ones to use in a bathroom. Here are some reasons to consider this type of tile for your bathroom. Less Maintenance is Required A great benefit to choosing ceramic tile in your bathroom is that it is a low-maintenance flooring material. Read More 

3 Essential Tiling Tools For Your DIY Tile Flooring Project

Australians love their DIY projects. Not only can you save a considerable amount of money on the cost of contractors, but you can also experience the feelings of pride and satisfaction which are achieved by beautifying and improving your home yourself. Tiling the bathroom or kitchen floor are jobs that are often undertaken by DIY enthusiasts. Tiling is fairly simple in comparison with other remodelling jobs and involves no structural, electrical, or plumbing knowledge. Read More 

2 Ways To Save Money On Your New Timber Floor

Timber flooring is an enduring and popular feature in many Australian homes. There are good reasons for this, with timber being a warm and beautiful material which suits almost all styles of décor. A good quality timber floor can also be quite costly, especially if you opt for hardwood. Fortunately, there are several ways you can save money on your home's timber floor, and here are two of them. 1. Supply your own timber Read More 

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Tiling from all around the world

Tiling is used in all sorts of houses and structures around the world. I find it really intriguing to look at the different effects that you can achieve with the same technique, from simple and modern floors to intricate designs that mimic paintings and other designs. I have taken a selection of photos as I've travelled around the world and found tiling that is beautiful and unique. On this blog I show these pictures of different tiling installation as well as a brief description of where I saw them, the materials used and any information I know about the installation techniques used.