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Reasons You Should Have Ceramic Tile installed in Your Bathroom

If you are looking to add different flooring materials in your bathroom, you might be thinking about using tile. While there are a variety of materials that makes excellent tile, ceramic is one of the best ones to use in a bathroom. Here are some reasons to consider this type of tile for your bathroom.

Less Maintenance is Required

A great benefit to choosing ceramic tile in your bathroom is that it is a low-maintenance flooring material. Ceramic is a hard material that is difficult to scratch and stain. You won't be constantly sealing the ceramic or removing tough stains. As long as you clean up spills as they happen and keep the tile as dry as you can, it won't cause you major headaches. It is good to have the occasional sealant, but it doesn't require it as often as some other flooring tiles. The ceramic tiles are also known for being easy to clean on a regular basis.

Ceramic is Very Durable

The ceramic tile is also a good choice because of how durable it is. The tile is going to last you a long time, so even if it costs a little more than laminate flooring, you won't be replacing it for a while. Not only can it handle stains and scratches, but it is resistant to heavy objects and impact. Whether you are renovating the bathroom and set a heavy toilet on the tile or you accidentally dropped your hair styling product one too many times, it doesn't crack easily. It is also good for high-traffic areas like bathrooms.

It is Resistant to Water

One of the most important things to consider with flooring for your bathroom is how well it can handle water and moisture. Bathrooms are bound to have water on the ground from someone stepping out of the shower or bathtub, water splashing from the sink, or even due to the occasional plumbing leak. You don't want flooring tile that is going to warp or rot due to water hitting it. Bathrooms also have a tendency to be more humid and cause extra moisture, which can also affect some materials. Ceramic is very water and moisture-resistant, which means it can handle the excess of water without getting ruined.

Ceramic is an Affordable Material

In comparison to many other water-resistant flooring options for bathrooms, ceramic tends to be among the most affordable. While it costs a little more than laminate flooring, it will be cheaper than high-end materials like granite or marble. However, unlike laminate, ceramic tile has a sleek appearance more similar to these high-end materials.

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