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Tips for Choosing the Right Colour Rug for Your Home

Area rugs can be a great way to spruce up or define your space and enhance the décor. However, there are multiple rugs suitable for a wide range of floors, designs of the living space, and the overall décor of your living space. For this reason, finding the perfect one for your home can be quite challenging. When shopping for rugs, you will want to consider the size that will fit your space. However, finding the perfect colour can be difficult because a variety of colours can suit your décor. Therefore, to find the perfect one that will define your space and add a magnificent panache, consider the following when looking for one.

Consider Your Floor Plan

Your floor plan can help you choose the right type of colour rugs that will create a flow in your rooms. Therefore, if your rooms are connected through wide openings or you have an open floor plan, make sure you choose colours that will relate to each other in a perfect way. For this reason, consider using a thread of colours. For instance, you can consider a dominant colour such as orange in your breakfast room. This same colour would appear as an accent in your kitchen.

While considering the floor plan, make sure you give each room a personal touch, but make sure that the colours you choose will create unity. Therefore, consider having a single hue as the theme running throughout your space.

If you'd prefer a mixture of colours but still want to achieve flow, consider choosing a single hue to be the unifying thread throughout the rooms. You can choose the unifying hue or element from your woodwork, including your door and window frames, and baseboards.

Consider Your Colour Scheme

Your colour of your flooring, your walls, your artwork, and your carpet will tell you what colour of rug will best suit your home. The colour of your flooring should give you an idea of what colour of rug to choose. For instance, if you had a sisal rug that is the same colour as your floor, adding a dark espresso rug may not look good.

The colour of your flooring is also a part of the colour scheme of the room in which you want to add the rug.

Consider the Pattern of Light and Shadows in Your Room

When the sun is rising, it will tend to cast a yellowish and warm glow on your floor. During the day, you may see a cooler and bluish glow that may appear washed out as the day progress. When the sun sets, there may be a reddish cast. For this reason, the spots where natural light touches your floor as well as where the shadows fall can affect the appearance of some colours. Besides the natural light, consider your artificial lighting because both lighting can affect the look of the colour of your rugs.

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