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Why Engineered Oak Flooring is the Best Choice for Your Boutique

Oak flooring is a popular choice for clothing boutiques, transforming any retail space with its high-end, almost majestic appearance. If oak has taken your fancy and you're ready to choose your flooring, your first thought is likely solid oak. However, while solid wood flooring looks great, it's often a poor choice for clothing stores since it's expensive and easy to damage. Thankfully, there's an alternative that looks just as great but can stand up to the daily wear and tear of boutique customers—engineered oak flooring. Read on to find out why it's the best choice for your boutique.

Engineered Oak is Durable

The first and biggest benefit of engineered wood flooring is its durability—a trait that solid wood lacks. Solid oak is easily damaged; anything from customers' shoes to clothing racks being moved can cause dents, scratches and cracks. It's also highly susceptible to water damage, which can be a problem if customers walk in from the rain and leave puddles where they go. Engineered oak, on the other hand, is far more durable due to its makeup—each board is made from several layers of wood bonded together, allowing them to stand up to heavy footfall. This type of flooring is more water-resistant, so moisture from shoes shouldn't be enough to cause damage as long as it's cleaned up. Engineered oak floors can also be finished with an extra-strong top layer infused with acrylic, which is far less prone to abrasions than solid oak. Plus, like solid wood, engineered oak with a thick wear layer can also be sanded and re-sanded multiple times throughout its lifespan. If you do end up with any scratches, stains or signs of wear, all you need to do is have your flooring sanded and re-finished.

Engineered Oak is Cheap and Easy to Install

In any clothing boutique, time is money. The more time to takes for your contractor to install your new wooden floors, the longer you'll be out of business—losing potential sales every hour. Engineered wood flooring is a great choice for retail businesses because it's very simple to lay. Typically constructed in a tongue-and-groove pattern, engineered oak boards slot together effortlessly. This increase in installation speed also reduces labour costs, meaning you'll need to pay your contractor less than you would for a solid wood flooring installation without a tongue-and-groove system. Add to that the relative cost-effectiveness of engineered wood flooring, and you'll barely make a dent in your profits for the year.

For more information on engineered oak flooring, contact a flooring contractor.

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