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Steps to follow when installing new timber floors

Timber floors are the most authentic flooring options in the market. These floors look timeless, antique, and original when installed on many different premises. If you're looking for a new floor for parts of your home, selecting timber will add durability and an authentic touch for many years to come.

You may be wondering how to get started with the timber floor installation process. Here are the steps you can expect to follow when having wood flooring installed in your home.

1. Explore wood species options

Perhaps the most enjoyable part of timber flooring is selecting the specific tree species that will fit your home. Each species has a unique character, texture, and finishing option to fit almost any theme in your home. From oak to walnut and ash, you will have many different options on the table.

Your contractor may also have a showroom that allows you to explore, touch, and visualise specific tree species that you can choose from. Think about what your intended goals are, any specific themes you may have, and the part of the home where your timber flooring will be installed.

2. Prepare the design

The next step is to prepare the timber that will be installed in your home. During preparation, your contractor will choose the width, length, texture, and finishing options that you specified during the exploration stage. Some contractors handpick each plank of wood, while others may have a complex manufacturing process that adds a personal touch to each piece of timber being prepared for installation.

The exciting thing about this step is that you will notice the unique veining patterns and textures derived from each original tree. From softwoods to exotic hardwoods, the authentic touch of each mother tree is reflected on every plank of timber.

3. Install the flooring in your home

After the manufacturing process, it will be time to install your timber floors. This will often begin with a site visit where dimensions are taken and the subfloor layer is prepared. Timber flooring will depend on a sturdy and durable subfloor layer so that your floor doesn't disintegrate from underneath. Next, each plank of wood will be meticulously placed to fit into the overall floor and according to your preferences.

4. Polish and maintain

Finally, the floor will be polished to ensure a clean, even look. You may also choose to sign up for a maintenance plan where the floors are inspected and polished on a regular basis.

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