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How to Choose the Best Timber Flooring Supplies Like a Pro

Timber is among the most stylish, beautiful and easily maintained flooring materials. Whether you are renovating your existing floors or installing flooring on your brand-new home, timber is a material that can guarantee extra texture, a natural look and excellent aesthetic appeal to your home. However, a lot goes into choosing the ideal timber flooring for your project. 

Since various factors will impact your timber flooring's performance and aesthetic value, here's how to choose your supplies like a pro:

Consider the Type of Timber Flooring

The two primary types of timber flooring are solid and engineered timber floors. Both look exquisite but differ significantly in design, style and installation methods. For instance, solid flooring is designed from single timber planks with varying colours, grains and lengths. Since it is easily affected by weather elements, solid timber flooring requires careful installation.

Conversely, engineered flooring merges a single timber layer with several plywood layers secured together to achieve a contemporary natural look. You can find engineered boards in high-quality factory finishes that mimic the same qualities of their solid timber counterparts.

Keep an Eye on the Desired Appearance and Comfort

How would you like your timber flooring to look and feel after installation? Since your floors are permanent, it's imperative to wisely choose what timber flooring will look best and how it complements your interior décor. You can choose between stained and natural finishes. When contemplating your floor's appearance, keep in mind these three essential features:

  • Colour — the colour of your timber flooring is critical and dark shades offer your interiors an elegant and sophisticated look. Timber flooring with mid-tone colour makes your interiors feel more neutral, while lighter shades present a calming and tranquil feeling.

  • Texture — timber flooring with less texture tends to give your interiors a more contemporary look. However, more texture makes your flooring look more serene and countryside.

  • Plank Size — small-sized timber planks will make your interiors feel more cramped, while medium or large-sized planks tend to make your interiors feel more spacious.

Determine the Cost of Your Timber Flooring

Finally, the cost of your timber flooring is another critical consideration you shouldn't overlook. The market is filled with cheap and expensive timber flooring options. Ideally, cheaper options tend to have poor quality and will cost you more on frequent replacements. Therefore, spending a few more bucks on high-quality timber flooring options with excellent durability and longevity would be a sensible idea.

Work with a reputable flooring contractor for advice on the right timber flooring to choose for your project. Besides, only purchase your timber flooring from trustworthy suppliers in your area.

Contact a timber flooring supply company for more information. 

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