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Carpet Installation: Reasons to Consider Wool Carpeting

While many people prefer to install carpet in their homes, most do not understand that there are various carpet materials in the market. These include acrylic, cotton, nylon, polyester, and wool. If you prefer carpets made from natural materials, you will have to choose between wool and cotton. Wool is the most popular natural carpet material because of the amazing benefits it offers. Listed below are the top reasons to choose wool during your carpet installation project:

Wool Is a Durable Material

Wool is made from a sheep's short wool lengths. Manufacturers take these lengths and weave them together to form long threads that make carpet tufts. Wool tufts are high-end, resilient, and less delicate. That's why when you take good care of your woollen carpet, it could serve you for several decades without wearing out.

Another amazing thing about wool is that it is naturally elastic and durable, unlike synthetic fibres that finally matte down after being exposed to a lot of foot traffic. Naturally, wool springs back when subjected to heavy loads, ensuring it maintains its thickness. For this reason, wool carpets tend to last longer than their synthetic counterparts. 

Wool Does Not Lose Its Colour

Wool can maintain its original crisp colour even after using and cleaning it for years. That is because its protein molecules combine with dye easily and lock it in. This characteristic makes it possible to produce coloured woollen carpets. Manufacturers usually offer a wide range of single-coloured and multi-coloured carpets to suit different needs and preferences. 

Wool Is Energy-Efficient and Comfortable

Wool is an energy-efficient material that can reduce heat loss during the cold months. Note that heat normally radiates from the floor to the cooler concrete slab under it. Such heat loss can significantly affect heat efficiency during winter. However, a wool carpet provides insulation to the floor, reducing heat loss and making your house more comfortable. 

Wool also absorbs moisture from the atmosphere, reducing humidity levels in the house. This property can prove helpful during summer when you need less humidity to keep the temperatures low. Furthermore, the moisture-absorption property reduces static electricity. 

The benefits of installing wool carpets are undebatable. However, you must understand that carpet installation is not a DIY job. If you wish to get the ideal wool carpet for your space and have it installed correctly, you should work with carpet installation professionals. They will help you select the most suitable carpet for your needs and install it professionally so you can enjoy its benefits maximally. 

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