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Success Tips When Installing Vinyl Flooring Tiles

With an extensive assortment of flooring types available on today's market, there are plenty of good reasons why many people choose vinyl flooring tiles for their homes. One good reason is that vinyl floor tile installation is a job that can be done correctly by many DIYers, and this explains the considerable number of price-savvy homeowners opting for it.

But to get the job done like an expert, you need to pay a bit more attention to detail. Here are a couple of useful tips to keep in mind for your DIY vinyl floor installation project. 

Preparing the underlying surface

First things first, you will need to prepare the underlying surface for installation of the new vinyl tile flooring. A crucial advantage of vinyl tiles is that they can be installed over almost any existing flooring, be it sheet vinyl, concrete or hardwood.  Make sure you fix any holes, cracks, grits, bumps or uneven sections because a smooth, clean and well-leveled surface is essential for proper tile installation.

Measuring the room

Measure one wall, determine the mid-point and chalk line this on the floor. Do the same with the opposite wall and then establish the center of the floor (where the two chalk lines marked from opposite walls meet on the floor). This will help you accurately snap a chalk line from the center of the floor, reducing room for error when you are laying the tiles in a straight line.

Laying the tiles

Vinyl floor tiles typically come in the shape of a square. The first line of tile that you lay on the floor needs to be perfect so as not to carry your error through on every successive line. Begin setting out the tiles by laying the first tile at the center of the floor (intersection of the two adjusted reference lines), then use the tile to guide you work on outward toward the walls of the room.


Vinyl tiles can be cut by using a utility knife or a razor knife, but that is tiring and time-consuming work. For quick cutting, it is best to hire a vinyl tile cutter from a home center or a tool rental shop. These tools are hand-operated and they can make very clean cuts. If you are laying new vinyl tiles on plank vinyl, then the cut-off chunk from the line that you are working on can be used to begin the next line. What this means is that there is no waste with plank vinyl!

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