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Timber Flooring | 3 Step-By-Step Introductions To Conceal Small Hardwood Floor Scratches

Timber flooring brings both aesthetic appeal and functional value to the home, but small scratches and nicks can end up making the whole space look timeworn and damaged. Knowing how to conceal these scratches will make your timber flooring look as good as new once again. Overcome your scratch problem by following these simple instructions to conceal small hardwood floor scratches. 

Clean The Area Around The Scratch

Most timber floors have some type of protective top coating, which may have been scratched out. This area may be filled with dust and debris from the air and under your shoes. Before using any filler or sealant, be sure to clean the floor thoroughly to ensure that the solutions adhere well to your timber flooring. This will make it more effective when using the filler. Use regular soap and water to clean out the area around the scratch and wipe it off with a lint-free cloth. Let the area dry completely before your next step.

Use Wood Filler

Wood filler is a paste made from wood dust and a type of binder, which is used to conceal scratches, nicks and other blemishes in timber flooring. Wood fillers are available at local retail home improvement stores or directly from manufacturers. Remove the wood filler paste from the tube and cover the scratch using your finger or knife. Make sure that the scratch is filled completely. Let it dry for a few hours based on the instructions of the manufacturer. Once dry, you can use medium-grit sandpaper to smoothen out the surface.

Re-Coat The Floor Using A Timber Stain Or Timber Coating

This process is important because it adds a protective coating layer, while giving your timber flooring a near-new finish. You can choose between different timber stains and timber coatings available at local home improvement stores based on your specifications. For example, you can choose a clear polyurethane coating if you're looking to bring out the natural colour of the wood. If you want to add a rich and darker colour, you can choose timber stains with chocolate or walnut finishes.  Timber stains and timber coating add richness to the wood and protect your floors for longer with durable finishes. You will need to use a paintbrush or a lint-free cloth to apply these coatings on your timber flooring. Wait for the coating to dry thoroughly before using your space once again.

These steps are designed to help you restore the look of your timber flooring, but if you have bigger scratches and imperfections, then you may require the services of a professional tradesman.

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